About Sub Groups


The field of internal audit is becoming more and more complex with some many specializations coming up given the various industries that we have. Be it Banking, Finance, IT, Construction or Hospitality – just to name a few. Requirements from the internal audit department and the auditors themselves are becoming more and more specific given the specific nature of the businesses.

To address these issues, the UAE IAA has given a platform to its members to constitute specialized groups which we call as “SUB GROUPS”. Internal audit professionals with specific areas of interest in these industries can now join these specialized groups to network with auditors within their industry.


To become the best dedicated platform for cascading internal audit practices for specific industries


  • Promote information and best practice sharing through white-papers
  • Increase the competency of audit professionals in the specific industry


  • Provide opportunity for networking to audit professionals within their respective area of interest.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and best practice awareness within members.
  • Assist UAE IAA management in nomination and selection of speakers/trainers.

2015 KPIs

  • 1 meeting each quarter per sub group.
  • 1 article each year for the UAE IAA magazine per year per sub group.
  • Nominate minimum 1 speaker for each conference per sub group.

Sub Group Bylaws


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