International Internal Audit Awareness Month:

The IIA Global designated the month of May as the International Internal Audit Awareness Month. It gives members of the audit profession an enhanced opportunity to advocate for the profession within their organizations and in their communities. This year, the UAE IAA took up this challenge and conducted several events, jointly at the level of federal government, local government and the private sector. Several organizations seem to be eager to know about the internal audit profession. This also provided an opportunity to give more visibility to the UAE IAA.

The Directorate General of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai have decided to make it an annual event and shall be rotating it amongst the local departments in the government of Dubai. For 2016, the Dubai Land Department will be sponsoring the event.

The IIA Global has awarded the UAE IAA with the 2015 Building Awareness Champion award in recognition of its efforts and commitment for the awareness month activities.

We are proud to be receiving this award which would not have been possible without the support of our key partners and sponsors, our board and the executive committee members, the members and volunteers and the staff.

Building Awareness Champion Letter

2015 Building Awareness Champion Digital Award

2015 Building Awareness Champion Digital Award
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